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 E-waste & computer recycling in SF
 GreenCitizen just opened a drop-off center in SF for responsible disposal of e-waste. GreenCitizen What: Drop-off centers and kiosks for responsible disposal of elec
 .NET CF 2.0 on Sprint 6700
 I just spent an hour or so trying to upgrade to .NET CF 2.0 so that I could add WiFiFoFum on my Pocket PC. After experimenting with several versions of the software, I finally realized that there is a cab version that is SP1, and that is what it took to
 Daylight Savings Time for Windows 2000
 Download and run this program, then restart computer. IntelliAdmin DaylightSavingFix.exe
 Daylight Savings Time for Linux/Asterix boxes
 This is how I did it, pretty straightforward. A. Run all of these as root: 1. yum update tzdata 2. /usr/sbin/tzdata-update 3. /usr/sbin/zdump -v /etc/localtime | grep 2007 The output of the last one should be
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