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Whether upgrading your current systems or moving into a new office, data and communication networks designed to meet your current and future needs can make the difference between smooth transition and crisis; between success and failure. By designing and building networks that are reliable and secure, we make it easier for your staff and your technology to work together.
Telephone systems are evolving quickly to incorporate more and more possibilities. Due to the growth of open source software, options that were once available only to large corporations are now accessible and affordable for small and medium businesses.

It’s now possible to get your voicemail through email, plug your office phone in at home or on the road and connect seamlessly to the office network. You can link remote offices together and alleviate long distance charges; or integrate traditional phone service with internet based calling. There are a host of other options available, most at the same cost you are currently paying, or at a significant savings.

We specialize in building systems that don’t limit your options, and don’t tie you to one vendor or brand of equipment.


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